Tear-Aid is a unique transparent repair product that allows you to easily seal cracks and holes in practically all materials. Always clean with the alcohol pad first. It is incredibly strong and elastic. Tear-Aid is not a temporary solution. It is a permanent repair product.
Tear-Aid repairs among others: tent fabric, rubber (inflatable) boats, sun and rain screens, jackets and bags. But also products made of aluminium, stainless steel, polyester and more.
Tear-Aid is available in type A and type B. Both types have the same unique qualities, but are applicable to different materials.
Type A: 90% direct adhesion / 100% after 1 hour.
Type B: vinyl/PVC only: Ready to use / 100% adhesion after 24 hours. Can even be applied under water!

Bedrukbaar Printable
Brandvertragend Fire retardant
Duurzaam Durable
Lichtdoorlatend Illuminating
Lichtgewicht Light weight
Waterdicht Waterproof