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Specialist in work tents

Welcome to Tent World Unlimited, the specialist in work and disaster relief tents and various related products. Our product range is very extensive, from rapid assembly, economy tents to products of the best quality you could wish for. And in addition to our standard range, we can also supply made-to-measure equipment. So there’s something for everyone!

Tent World Unlimited is part of the Karsten Group and is official distributor of Karsten Tenten B.V.’s quality products. We are also the official distributor of in Europe. An excellent product for a very attractive price.

We supply to wholesalers, retail traders and end users.

Middlemen can contact us to find out about the purchase prices of our articles. Service and quality are top priority with us and that is why we provide all our products at fair prices.


Universal Taxicab

Fresh off the drawing board comes the Auto Flex screen. Developed this week in close collaboration with taxi drivers. With this screen, every car can guarantee a carefree ride from A to B, safe for both the traveler and the driver. The screen is designed in such a way that it is easy to attach yourself, without damaging the interior. Very nice, because if everything goes back to “normal” you don't want to be left with the remains.